Levi’s Plaza

EQ Office
San Francisco, California

Dominique Price, Architect
Colin Billings
Ashley Hickman
Maeliosa Barstow
Bryce Pallera


Cultural programming of Levi’s Plaza to open the park to more vigorous eco-social activity. A series of catalytic infrastructural improvements, signage, urban rooms, and a rock garden installation propose a network of experiences to remake the former corporate complex into a thriving building community with traffic from the Embarcadero, cruise terminal, and adjacent Telegraph Hill neighborhood.

Alt sample
An Urban Room spatial intervention configures pockets of publicly available recreational and event space strategically distributed throughout the mass of the complex.
A unique Security Gardener position, uniform, and one directional light installation were created to moderate the sense of security in the park and provide an active human presence during the transition from corporate lawn into vital new community space.