Spatial form

Unity Technology

Unity Technology
San Francisco, California 2018

Dominique Price, Architect
Colin Billings


Tasked with Humanizing Technology this proposal responds to both the client brief and the location by connecting Technology with Wellness in an intervening media platform. This strategy creates a new space for the public, at the limit between the experience of exploring urban space and the workplace programming. The intervention is articulated with design attention to environmental, responsive, and performative criteria, uniting three different spatial conditions into one new ground.

The building entrance scope was constrained to a single portal, and changes the contextual language of the street from the typical closed street wall with gates, into an Open Invitation to explore the interior.


Located in an area of SOMA dense with cultural programs, this proposal probes the potential for forming new ground from the shared experience of the pattern of exploring each building in the district ‘as if it could be a cultural project’.

Once inside, an embedded strategic spatial experience in the workspace extends the act of exploring the museum-rich SOMA district, and transforms the otherwise disruptive coming and going native to the co-working workplace into a sustained event that invigorates the workplace.