The AS•IS studio is the Architecture + Interiors Studio of Dominique Price, Architect, based in San Francisco, California. We specialize in architectural concepts, design, and functional strategies that enhance the way we Work, Dwell, Learn and Play.

We increasingly get asked to consider how contradictory functions can come together to create a new form. We see this work as the making of theaters for new hybrid programming, forged by those Working, Dwelling, Learning and Playing in the edge spaces where society is being advanced.

Some of these places have digital communities that are being represented in the physical space, some have cultural trajectories whose ethical design is manifested in built form, and others are inching social conventions closer to breakthrough by way of their innovative response to persisting issues. These ‘third spaces’ open new possibility, and cultivate the grounds for new positions to emerge.

Dominique Price

Architecture + Design Collaborators
Colin Billings
Bryce Pallera
Lauren Conroy
Zoe Elliott
Abigail Postema

1254 Mason St
San Francisco, CA

+1 415.259.1064
[email protected]

Former Collaborators
Maeliosa Barstow
Christian Coles
Ashley Hickman
Sue Lee
Claire Leffler
Yuan Li
Rachel Lijana
Jack Meadow
Aidan Perseto
Natalia Rents
James Sorensen
Zhifei Xu
Kay Yang