Digital infrastructure and event space

Digital Learning Center

Confidential FinTech Company
London, England

Dominique Price, Architect
Colin Billings
Sue Lee
Maeliosa Barstow


Digital Learning Center facilitates the realization of a groundbreaking knowledge sharing platform both internally, for use by and between employees, but also allowing employees to organize and host events for the public. The range of uses of this platform required careful orchestration and attention to the blend of staff and visitors. The strategy situates a reading room and two mediated classrooms around an open central lounge with floating collaboration pods, study booths, and service from attached catering kitchen and restrooms..

A ribbon of study niches weaves in concert with cocoon chairs to acoustically dampen sharp noise, delimit the lounge area, and create a clear threshold between social spaces, classrooms, and the reading nook.
View from entrance
Each of the spaces has a distinct material character, and unique scale of spatial enclosure, to create a variety of lush study opportunities while taking measure to present a subdued and calm environment.
Reading nook