The Collective
San Francisco

Dominique Price

Colin Billings
Rachel Lijana
Bryce Pallera
Natalia Rents
Lauren Conroy


Low curving walls organize this furniture showroom designed for The Collective into a series of set installations that activate an interplay between formal and informal spatial events


The continuous path of the low wall slips freely between the interior and exterior, creating unique stage sets marked by saturated color and curated arrangements of The Collective’s furniture lines.


A ribbon of dark metal fabric and tinted glass compresses the entrance threshold before it expands into the view and light filled space. 

Material Lab

The textures of the material lab create a neutral backdrop out of wood and timber terrazzo products for clients to experiment with material palettes for their project and showcase the manufacturer’s ability to provide unconventional and customizable solutions. 

Bar & Terrace

Reflective surfaces used throughout enable customers to see their own image immersed with furniture settings and the city backdrop.


Pulses of saturated color, unique carpet arrangements, and custom curvilinear lighting define formal spaces for gathering within the larger context of the showroom.